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Ontario Collegiate Equestrian Association

Established 2007


About the OCEA

The Ontario Collegiate Equestrian Association (OCEA) was officially founded in 2007 by a group of dedicated and hardworking university students…

Sponsorship Opportunities

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2023-2024 Show Dates

North Zone

October 1 at Kuruka Equestrian

October 15 at Kildare Stables

January 21 at RCRA


Central Zone

October 15 at Belle Wood

October 21 at Stonewood

November 19 at RCRA

January 28 at Old Orchard Farm

February 11 at Old Orchard Farm

West Zone

October 21 at Millside Stable

November 25 at Thistle Point

January 21 at Old Orchard Farm

March 10 at Old Orchard Farm

East Zone

October 1 at Wesley Clover Park

November 12 at Wesley Clover Park 


Submit your application for our Board of Directors before April 23, 2023.  

Available roles: president, vice-president, zone support, co-treasurers (2) and communications intern (non-voting member). 

All zone level roles are open for application. Due on April 30th. 

Board of Director Voting: May 4th & 5th

Zone Executive Voting: May 6th & 7th

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You can find all resources here necessary for captains, members and supporters.

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