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2019-2020 Results

Unfortunately due to the COVID-19 pandemic, our Finals Weekend was cancelled, nevertheless, we would like to take the time to congratulate those who won year-end prizes for their zone, the circuit and the specialty award winners.

West Zone Champions & Reserve Champions

Open Champion – Natalie Vetzal (McMaster)

Open Reserve Champion – Sarah Ricker (Brock)

Intermediate Champion – Lauren Page (McMaster)

Intermediate Reserve Champion – Kelsey Hicks (Brock)

Novice Champion – Carly White (Western)

Novice Reserve Champion – Kate Didiano (Waterloo)

Entry Champion – Aislin Osborne (McMaster)

Entry Reserve Champion – Rae Ingram (Brock)

Central Zone Champions & Reserve Champions

Open Champion – Kathryn West (Guelph)

Open Reserve Champion – Megan Paddock (Guelph)

Intermediate Champion – Anna-Marie Blokzyl (Georgian)

Intermediate Reserve Champion – Sarah Enright (Guelph)

Novice Champion – Emily Curtis (Guelph)

Novice Reserve Champion – Selah Leigh (Guelph)

Entry Champion – Chloe Brown (Guelph)

Entry Reserve Champion – Lisanne Fulton (Guelph)

East Zone Champions & Reserve Champions

Open Champion – Aylen Ferguson (Ottawa)

Open Reserve Champion – Kaitie Kean (Ottawa)

Intermediate Champion – Alexis Angrove (OTU)

Intermediate Reserve Champion – Bryanne Leach (Queen’s)

Novice Champion – Carlyn Hartwick (Queen’s)

Novice Reserve Champion – Taylor McRae (Ottawa)

Entry Champion – Samira Firouz (Queen’s)

Entry Reserve Champion – Isabelle Bourgeois (Carleton)

West Zone Awards

High Point Rider – Lauren Page (McMaster)

Reserve High Point Rider -Aislin Osborne (McMaster)

High Point Team – McMaster

Reserve High Point Team – Brock

Most Spirited Team – McMaster

Horse of the Year – Aura

Supporter of the Year – Shara Pavan

Contributor of the Year – Elyse Batista

Zone Sportsmanship Award – Aislin Osborne (McMaster)

Central Zone Awards

High Point Rider – Anna-Marie Blokzyl (Georgian)

Reserve High Point Rider – Sarah Enright (Guelph)

High Point Team – Guelph

Reserve High Point Team – Toronto

Most Spirited Team – Toronto

Horse of the Year – Jess

Supporters of the Year – The Reynolds Family

Contributor of the Year – Laura Giffen

East Zone Awards

High Point Rider – Alexis Angrove (OTU)

Reserve High Point Rider – Aylen Ferguson (Ottawa)

High Point Team – Ottawa

Reserve High Point Team – Queen’s

Most Spirited Team – OTU

Horse of the Year – Barbie

Supporters of the Year – Julia Lawrence

Contributor of the Year – Taylor Brooks

OCEA Awards

Overall High Point Rider – Anna-Marie Blokzyl (Georgian)

Overall Reserve High Point Rider – Sarah Enright (Guelph)

Overall High Point Team – Guelph

Overall Reserve High Point Team – McMaster

Michelle Monkhouse Award – Atefah Mohammadi (Toronto)

Horsemanship Award – Aylen Ferguson (Ottawa)

Outstanding Achievement Awards – Jessica Blackwood & Tori Turner

Outstanding Contributor Awards – Pickering Horse Centre, Pause Awhile Equestrian Centre, Chelsey Overell & Synergy Farms

Road to Finals Video Contest – McMaster University