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Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What discipline of riding are OCEA competitions?

OCEA competitions are hunter seat equitation and are judged according to specific guidelines according to the EC rulebook and OCEA rulebook. 

Q: Do I need my own horse? 

No! Horses are generously donated by local equestrians and OCEA members for each show. A host school will be responsible for acquiring donor horses for the competition. 

Q: Do I warm up the horse I draw before competing? 

No. Your first time riding the horse will be when you are competing! Catch riding is a unique component of OCEA competitions. Each donor horse is warmed up over fences and under saddles before each division by a designated warm-up rider or the horse’s owner. Each donor horse comes with an informational description that is available to each rider prior to competing that details key information for a successful ride. 

Q: How many shows are there in a season? 

Each zone must hold a minimum of four (4) and a maximum of six (6) regular season shows. 

Q: What divisions are there to compete in? 

The OCEA offers four (4) divisions for members to compete in consisting of an over fences and under saddle component: Entry (18”), Novice (2’3), Intermediate (2’6), Open (3’0). 

Q: How do I know what division I am eligible for? 

 Eligibility is determined at school tryouts based on previous show experience, video submissions and riding tryout evaluation by team captains & coaches. For each division you are eligible if: 

(1) you have won three (3) first place ribbons in an equitation over fences or medal class at division height or higher or

(2) Placed six (6) times in an equitation over fences, medal class, hunter over fences, or jumper class at division height or higher in a show that is part of a series or recognized circuit or
(3) competed in the specific division on the OCEA circuit during the previous year.
*Eventing qualifying scores will also be considered for eligibility. 

Q: What if my school doesn’t have a team?

If you are looking to join the OCEA and start a team at your school contact us to find out more information. 

Q: How do I qualify for finals?

The top-ranked riders from each class qualify for finals – the number of ranked riders attending is determined by the OCEA prior to the first show of the season. Qualification for over fences and under saddle is done separately in each division. 

Q: If I am not competing, can I still be involved? 

Of course! The OCEA is a student-run organization that welcomes support in many different areas. Contact to find out how you can get involved!

AGM Minutes

Detailed minutes from the most recent Fall and Winter AGMs.